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    This Kid Took One Sip Of Apple Juice And Got Sick — Then He Threw Up Blood

    When little Richie Zaragoza celebrated his 10th birthday with his family at the Star Buffet & Grill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he began screaming after taking a couple sips of apple juice. “He just started screaming, ‘it burns, it burns,’” Richie’s mother, Virginia Davis, said. That’s when he started throwing up blood. Richie’s four-year-old half-sister, Ginaya […]

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    This Aptly-Named Pup Had A Rough Start, But Now He’ll Melt Your Heart!

    If you were to meet Picasso the dog, you’d immediately notice something different about his face. The lovable pooch was born with a facial deformity where his snout twists to the right and his jaw to the left. Unfortunately, when his breeder couldn’t sell him, he was sent to a shelter where a fate of […]

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    This Cat Does The Silliest Thing When He’s ‘Hunting’ Birds

    If there’s a classic example of predators and prey, it’s cats and birds. Our feline friends really love to hunt down anything with feathers. They view bird as their natural enemies, with outdoor cats killing millions of birds every year. Our indoor kitties get to indulge their predatory instincts by watching out the window, and […]

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    What This Mom Was Told By A Birth Photographer Is Completely Disgusting

    Giving birth is an incredibly special moment for new parents, so it makes sense that they’d want to capture the moment on film. Birth photographers can free both parents up to focus on the arrival of their bundle of joy and still have beautiful pictures of the event. Generally speaking, these photographers are respectful and […]

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    The Reason Why This Doctor Wanted To Work With Young Girls Is So Disgusting

    Most people enter a medical field because they have a desire to help others. Sickeningly, Dr. Larry Nassar became a gymnast physician so that he could molest young girls. Nassar’s abuse goes back to at least 1998, when a young gymnast complained that he made her feel uncomfortable. Sadly, her coach and family brushed the […]

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    Removing This Unruly Patron Was NOT Part Of This Waitress’s Job Description

    Every once in a while, waitresses have to deal with some truly out-of-control customers. That’s what can be so hard about working in the service industry. But in Australia, the land where everything is trying to kill you, the problem isn’t so much the patrons. One young waitress who recently arrived in Australia from France […]